To Steven and crew of professionals,

I just wanted to say thank you to each of you for an excellent job in building Waterside Place Condominiums, where it feels like a little bit of country in the city.

The vision of Steven and Marty has come to fruition in building well crafted homes with superior materials and finishes.

It is truly a pleasure to live in such a quality home surrounded by a friendly and vibrant community.

From the start, Laura was attentive to each and every discussion always producing information and options in a timely fashion. Her level of professionalism and commitment demonstrated true dedication to this project and her expertise in real estate plus interior design.

Jason can be seen on site and consistently friendly and helpful. His work ethic and abilities are second to none.

Justin can also be seen on site and delivers expert workmanship and upholds RS Capital standards.

Each tradesperson has contributed to creating a quality product and is part of realizing my new home, thank you.

Steven, you and Marty have created a quality company and now have 3 newly built communities of Manitobans to be proud of. Even in the midst of your busy work days you have not hesitated to come by to ensure details have been covered and your customers satisfied.

All the best to each of you.

Stephanie Benson

Dear Steven,

Rarely does an opportunity present itself for me to feel compelled to communicate in this manner, let alone actually do it. As busy corporate executives, time is a finite commodity which must be purposely carved out. I wanted to take this time to thank you and all associated with you and your company for your expertise and the professional workmanship and attitudes we experienced while working together on our new home build.

Over the years, we’ve been fortunate to have built two custom family homes with an award-winning builder.

Based on this experience, you and your company, along with those you have surrounded yourselves with, met and on a number of occasions exceeded the standards which many going through this process look for, including me. Here’s a few of those I came to

Laura’s attention to detail in helping us realize our desire for a show-home quality residence.
Sky’s on-site presence from start to finish.
Corey’s ability to make slight wiring modifications based on an idea we had even when we ourselves didn’t know the correct terminology to use in explaining the concept.
Dan’s craftsmanship and detail to the unique flooring.
Chris’s willingness, without delay, to gladly accommodate finishing touch-ups.
Finally Steven, your attention to a number of details and tasks which you personally took ownership of, even when they most certainly could have (and indeed should have) been done by others not associated with you.

The completion of our new residence for possession was actually a few days early. That being said, you remained flexible to
fine details, inquiries and questions we asked of you even after possession.

I want to commend you, RS Capital Corporation, and those companies you have surrounded yourselves with for doing great work.

I can confidently continue to say I’ve been fortunate to have worked with the finest yet again.

Ken Friesen
President and CEO
Atlantis Financial Group Inc.

Dear Steven,

We thank you, Sky and the rest of RS Capital Corporation for the excellent work you have done in constructing and finishing our new home. We are very happy with the condo unit and the excellent service we have received from RS Capital Corporation. We wish you every success with your new project in St. Adolphe, Manitoba.

Thank you.

Yours truly,
Michael & Kathy Taylor

As seniors, we are very fortunate to be proud owners of a bungalow condo built by R.S. Capitol Corporation. It is a unit in a high quality 50-plus condominium development in Oakbank, MB, which we took possession of at the end of July, 2012.

From the beginning, the head realtor for this project, Laura Stuart, was most helpful and professional in assisting us with the financial transactions. Her explanations were clear and concise while providing accurate information and assistance. In addition, she provided guidance with choices we made in regard to customizing the home’s interior, according to our tastes. We felt confident that Laura always had our best interests in mind!

Steven Smart and Marty Ritchot, directors of R.S. Capital Corporation, are fulfilling their commitment and dedication to the project by building a ‘state of the art’, high quality condominium development. Our transactions with the ‘hands on builders’ are always friendly and accommodating. Issues are addressed promptly and efficiently. The sub-contractors, as well, are positive and, helpful. We are very pleased with the quality of materials and craftsmanship provided in the construction of our condo. It was completed one week ahead of schedule.

Over the years, this is the fourth new home we’ve acquired. However, this transaction, has been the best experience of all!

Congratulations to R.S. Capital Corporation and your associates for a job well done, and wishing you much success in you future projects!

Glen & Myrna Loewen

Oakbank is a community approximately 30 minutes east of Winnipeg with every amenity one needs. Schools, Groceries, Tim Hortons!!

Our names are Gary & Naomi Granke. We purchased a home through RS Capital Corporation located in Oakbank and adjacent to the north side of the Co-op within Oakbank. There are 25 Condo units being built, albeit the same, but mirrored with every other one reverse from one another.

We moved in around mid February 2012. During and when construction was completed, we were, and have been, impressed by all of the trades and the owners with the meticulous way they’ve completed each job and house they’ve built.

The quality is superior to any construction. During my working days (as I am retired now) I had the opportunity to inspect and view many home construction sites and building processes.

This company’s building practises are far greater, if not the best, I’ve had the opportunity to see and inspect.

The trades this group has chosen are off the charts in experience and commitment to quality when they deliver their service upon building each of these homes. As we have been in our unit for approximately one year, we have had very little need for the developer and their trades to return to rectify issues. With any build, we have had minor items that may have needed adjusting or repaired but any build anywhere would likely have the same or more. Any of our requests have been dealt with effectively and efficiently.

I have been able to observe other condos built within our development and have witnessed superior quality in every build regardless of the weather or site conditions. It’s obvious that the builder and trades take extreme pride in their work! Yes .. we are tooting the horns in favour of the builder and trades but, why not, when you find quality! Over the year we have had communication with the builder and some of their trades which, we believe, has grown into a friendship.

Normally, once one has purchased a home, the agent disappears or has very little communication with purchasers. Not in this case — Laura Stuart, the sales agent, most often when she is meeting with another client, will take the time to say “hi”. Thanks Laura!

In summing this up, when one spends hard earned money on a large investment property, it’s nice to know that you have purchased a home completed with quality and pride.

We thank Steven Smart and his associates, especially Sky, Steven’s right hand, on the build site. A huge ‘thank you’ to the Trades who make it worth every penny spent.


Naomi & Gary Granke